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Molokini and Turtle Arches Snorkel

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Log face-time with parrotfish, colorful coral, and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles on an eco-friendly and educational snorkeling trip.


Glide through curious volcanic architecture while getting up close and personal with Manta Rays, octopi, and cleaner fish. Arrive early and experience Molokini Marine Preserve― an enclosed, isolated marine sanctuary revered for its crystalline waters, healthy reefs, and a variety of tropical fish.  With the guidance of marine naturalists,  navigate through unoccupied underwater. Cruise via double-decked catamaran to Turtle Arches and pal around with protected Hawaiian Green Sea turtles in a warm-water playground replete with lava tunnels and coral. On the way back, snack on sandwiches while watching out for sea life.


Eco-tour information The Pacific Whale Foundation is an active player in protecting the habitats of marine life and ecosystems endemic to Hawaii, including endangered and threatened species such as green sea turtles and spinner dolphins. Their mission is one of harmonious interaction with nature through eco-tours, education, donations, and research. Each crew member is a trained naturalist and offers insights into marine life behavior and habitat; plus, they play games with kids to entertain and foster interest in marine life. The cue card fish, coral, and mammal discussion is often as educational as the snorkeling instructions are useful, especially to snorkelers new to interacting with Hawaiian wildlife.


  • A light breakfast of muffins, fresh fruit, and juice is served while cruising out to Molokini.
  • After snorkeling at Turtle Arches, a make-your-own sandwich bar is served, including meats, cheeses, veggies, and sides.

This is an eco-friendly tour! Help the environment as you play in the natural beauty of Hawaii.

The Pacific Whale Foundation Eco-Adventures uses only biodegradable and compost-ready plates, utensils, napkins, cups, and bags onboard all six of its vessels.

These products are made from either sugar cane waste pulp, potato starch, or corn starch. All of these materials are renewable resources, as well as being petroleum and “tree-free.” They all biodegrade in 60 to 120 days in a home composting facility and conform to FDA guidelines for food use.


4.75 hours



Departure time and location

Check-in at 6:30 AM for departure at 7:15 AM; from the Pacific Whale Foundation Discovery Store, next to the Maui Ocean Center (winter hours may be earlier; please confirm cruise return with Local Expert™)**

Return time and location

Approx. noon; same as departure location (winter hours may be earlier; please confirm cruise return with Local Expert™)**


  • For each paying adult, one child (age 6 and under) may participate free of charge. Tickets must be purchased for any additional children. There is also a free Junior Naturalist program for kids. The snorkel session at Molokini is weather permitting. If weather does not permit, the first snorkel session will be at a different location of the captain's choosing.
  • Departure and Return Times are subject to change.


  • Ride on a catamaran
  • All snorkel gear and floatation devices
  • Snorkel lessons
  • Tropical Continental breakfast
  • Deli lunch
  • 1 compliemntary alcoholic beverage per passenger
  • Cold drinks
  • Full-color "Exploring Hawaii's Coral Reefs" guide
  • Color poster of a marine photograph


Pacific Whale Foundation - Ma'alaea

Our Ma'alaea Store is located in the front of the Harbor Shops at 300 Ma'alaea Boat Harbor Road, next to the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium.

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Molokini Snorkel Tour
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