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I-Ride Trolley

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Choose I-Ride Trolleys to get from here to there and in between. Whether you’re cruising down International Drive to catch a show or you’re moving along Universal Boulevard, to grab a bite to eat.


Right there is a restaurant. Next door is a can’t-be-missed amusement park. Or, you could ride the rollercoaster just once and then move along to this seafood house (if that’s what tickles your taste buds.)

Explore at your own pace—the more than 100 stops along International Drive and Universal Boulevard. Skip the car rental and quit the hassles of parking. The I-Ride Trolley is a great way to navigate the bustling Orlando and its busy roads. All the top attractions and shops appear conveniently at your fingertips. The unlimited pass allows you to make unlimited transfers between both the red line and green line trolley paths.


Red Line

Travels along a majority of International Drive with 82 convenient Stops. Trollies arrive at each stop approximately every 20 minutes.


Green Line

Travels along Universal Boulevard with 22 convenient stops. Trollies arrive at each stop approximately every 30 minutes.

Hours of operation

8 AM–10 PM


Children age 3-9 ipay on a CASH FARE basis, $1.00 PER RIDE. There is no child's pass. Under 3 is complimentary when accompanied by an adult. 

If your pass is lost or stolen, you will be responsible for purchasing a new one. All passes are valid for consecutive days upon activation on the trolley. 

Terms & Conditions

This Activity can be changed or cancelled without penalty at any time prior to 48 hours before the scheduled start of this Activity. Otherwise the product is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable.

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