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America's Escape Game

Join the excitement of one of the most revolutionary escape games in the world and enjoy a unique challenge as you try to crack the code. Race against the clock to find the cure, escape a temple, and save the White House from impending doom. Test your puzzle-solving abilities at this one-of-a-kind attraction in three different scenarios involving a deadly plague, historical revelations and lethal terrorists. First, enter "Pandemic: Project Hephaestus" where the mysterious pandemic by the name of The Red Death is sweeping the globe. Resume the work of Dr. Andrea McClain, Project Hephaestus's former Director and find a cure for the seemingly unstoppable pathogen by making your way through the doctor's secret lab. Next, find your way into the pyramids of Egypt in the "Lost Tomb of Monthu," where Jeffery Lowsley, renowned Eqyptologist, has disappeared on the verge of a major archaeological discovery. Navigate through the tomb and unearth an ancient ruby believed to be the link to a lost civilization. Finally, take on paramilitary White House invaders in "Crisis at 1600." The president has gone into hiding, the secret service has been wiped out and a series of missiles are zooming toward our Nation's capitol. Utilize the clues in the room, focus on teamwork, and let your imagination assist you in your quest to open the next door and solve the puzzle. Use your head, save the world and be the hero.

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Fun Spot

Looking for an amusement park or arcade in Orlando or Kissimmee? Fun Spot Attractions has roller coasters and arcade games waiting for you!

Categories: Entertainment

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IDrive 360 Attractions

Categories: Entertainment, Combo Packages, Dinner Show, Attractions, Museum

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I-Ride Trolley

Choose I-Ride Trolleys to get from here to there and in between. Whether you’re cruising down International Drive to catch a show or you’re moving along Universal Boulevard, to grab a bite to eat.

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Kennedy Space Center

NASA’s launch headquarters, the world capital of manned spaceflight, is the only place on Earth where you can immerse yourself in spaceflight simulators and tour NASA launch areas. Blast off into mankind’s history in space!

Categories: Theme Parks, Educational

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Head to LEGOLAND® Florida and experience a unique and interactive theme park dedicated to families with children between the ages of 2 and 12—the perfect complement to a Florida family vacation.  LEGOLAND® Water Park opened on May 26th 2012. 

Categories: Theme Parks, Kids Fun

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An amusement park for the mind with over 100 interactive exhibits.

Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinnershow

Step into an amusement park for the mind with over 100 interactive exhibits and a magical dinner-show like you've never seen.

Categories: Educational, Kids Fun, Combo Packages, Entertainment, Theme Parks, Buffet, Dinner Show

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