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Kennedy Space Center

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NASA’s launch headquarters, the world capital of manned spaceflight, is the only place on Earth where you can immerse yourself in spaceflight simulators and tour NASA launch areas. Blast off into mankind’s history in space!


Discover NASA’s launch operations from the facilities that created the program from the ground up. Explore the massive Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), one of the largest buildings in the world by volume, where Saturn V rockets were built and space shuttles assembled for launch. If manned trips into space interest you, the Kennedy Space Center provides a day full of the excitement of frontier exploration.

With the Ultimate Space Pass, you’ll dine with a veteran astronaut, including time for questions and pictures. A space expert also guides Ultimate Space Pass holders through up-close tours of NASA’s production and flight facilities.


  • Kennedy Space Center admission
  • U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame admission

Ultimate Space Pass

  • Lunch with an astronaut
  • Discover Kennedy Space Center tour admission


Maximum Access Pass and Ultimate Space Pass do not include transportation unless you book the day-trip version.


Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

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Maximum Access Pass
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Adult (12+) $53.00
Child (3 to 11) $43.00
Space Pass Plus
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Adult (12+) $132.00
Child (3 to 11) $94.00